Donnerstag, 18. März 2010

Research Notes -- Welcome to Ann Arbor

After too many weeks of silence and almost two weeks in the States it is definitely time for an update.

The first 10 days at the University of Michigan were taken up mostly by bureaucracy but some old and some new ideas have evolved out of my first two meetings with Andreas Blass.

On the one hand he has renewed his interest in the forcing construction of a non-Ramsey ultrafilter that Claude Laflamme did under his supervision back in the 80s. In fact (spoiler alert) Andreas will talk about such things at the ASL Meeting in Washington this week.

On my related part I have resumed work on constructing an unstable union ultrafilter which Andreas and I once had hoped to relate to the Laflamme forcings but later turned out not to. Mostly I spent time recovering my old strategies and had lots of them shot down by Andreas. Nevertheless I see progress there and look forward to spending more time on the issue (and hopefully blog about it, too).

Blog related the great change is finally coming up. I will switch to blogofile, a blog compiler for static blogging, after I find a good place to host the new blog. I plan to switch to MathJax for better MathML support and use Disqus for comments. This will simplify my publishing process and I hope it will lead to more frequent posts. After all I have not done enough writing so that it comes naturally to me.

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